See It? Report It

See It? Report It.


Notify our Brand Protection Office if you believe someone is trying to sell illegal products (counterfeit), unauthorized products (e.g. second hand products sold as new, diverted products from foreign markets, etc) or third party bundled components as "Cisco" components. Mail to

Notify our Ethics Office regarding any unfair-, known- or suspected improper behavior by Cisco employees and agents. Mail to

For Ethics relevant Information read the folder Promoting Successful Business Relationships (1,028 KB)

Brand Protection & Ethics Office Fax:
Send a fax to our Hong Kong Brand Protection & Ethics office: +852 3015 0842

Brand Protection & Ethics Office Mail Address:
Cisco Systems (HK) Limited
Brand Protection
31/F Great Eagle Centre
23 Harbour Road
Hong Kong


1. The Ethics team and Brand Protection are standalone departments separate from the sales organization

2. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential

3.  Let us have your contact details so we can follow up with you, if we need to, and handle the case more effectively

4.  Always provide the location of the Cisco office you have been dealing with (country, city, office address)

5.  Preferred language is English

6.  If English is not an option for you, our Hong Kong based Brand Protection office is able to handle the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

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