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SIP, Session Management and Beyond

TechWiseTV episode 66 (52:41 min)
Technology Focus: Unified Communications

Learn how you can integrate communications networks more efficiently, simplify services aggregation, and meet your end-user needs for collaborative services.

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SIP, Session Management and Beyond

SIP, Session Management and Beyond(TechWiseTV episode 71 (30:00 min))

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CIN is a communications resource for delivering technology and business content. CIN provides an interactive vehicle for customers to get practical answers and expert advice in convenient formats, including Video webcasts, Audio and video podcasts, CIN Technology Workshops, etc.

The professional networking experts are getting together during each episode and share the technology topics, and participate with discussion.

During the video live show, all questions from everybody related can get the right answers in the chat window from experts. For the convenience of customers’ sight, our expert guests will be available to answer your data center questions during the broadcast., and also the CIN Technology Workshop.

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Topic: Journey to Unified Computing

  Jimmy Ray Purser
Cisco Interaction Network host, network expert in the field of LAN and WAN, security.

  Robb Boyd
Cisco Interaction Network host. Networking execution editor.

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