Connected Campus

IoT makes campuses smarter and safer

Learn how IoT innovation in higher education will make campuses smarter and more secure.

IoT makes campuses smarter and safer

Digitize Your Campus

Make your campus and learning community safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Cisco's Connected Campus solution makes lighting, energy, parking, and waste disposal digital to improve facilities and streamline operations. It also provides extensive network analytics so that schools and universities can make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Transform your campus with these offerings:

Smart parking: Save time and resources by giving students and faculty the ability to park easily on campus.

Connected stadium: Give fans the ultimate game-day experience with digital signage and optimized wireless access.

Connected transportation: Provide safe transportation for students while increasing access and connectivity.

Smart lighting: Make your campus more sustainable with our Digital Ceiling solution, which automates lighting to reduce inefficiency and waste.

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