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Cisco Umbrella Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Your first line of defense

Cisco Umbrella WLAN is a cloud-delivered security service for the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. With Umbrella, you can easily secure your wireless environment and protect any device on your network in minutes. Umbrella blocks requests to malicious domains and IPs before a connection is ever made, stopping threats earlier.


Protection in minutes

Simply check a box in your Wi-Fi access point dashboard to deploy. Manage easily through a centralized web-based dashboard.

Security without added latency

Add powerful, effective security through the cloud and scale exponentially as your business grows.

Stay compliant

Ensure a safe, appropriate, and consistent Internet experience across all network-connected devices.

Keep malware off your network

Gain visibility into Internet activity in real time. Extend protection to all devices on your guest network, including the Internet of Things and mobile.

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