Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Effective security policy management made simple

Staying on top of security is easier than ever. Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps a network operations team easily manage policies across Cisco security products. It’s a cloud-based application that cuts through complexity. You can orchestrate and manage policies consistently from one spot to keep your organisation protected against the latest threats.

Key features and benefits

A single pane of glass

Simplify and unify policy across Cisco firewalls, next-generation firewalls, Cisco Web Security Appliances, and Cisco Umbrella. Spot misconfigurations easily. Respond to threats quickly. Orchestrate policy changes across dozens or thousands of devices in a single pane of glass.

Consistent security policies

Create policy templates. Model security policies before you deploy them. Confidently deploy changes in real time or offline, and verify that they do what they should. Analyse security policy configurations for consistency.

Easy deployments

Deploy new devices faster by creating standard policy templates that give you consistent, effective protection across your Cisco environment. As you grow, new deployments will automatically inherit the updated policies.

Lower costs, fewer resources, fast setup

There's no additional hardware to purchase or maintain. Get up and running in minutes. As a cloud-based solution, Cisco Defense Orchestrator lets you cut costs, save time, and see benefits quicker.

Freedom to do more

Defense Orchestrator simplifies the tedious, time-consuming process of managing security policies. The cloud-based solution scales to meet your needs now and as you grow. Teams and resources can be freed up for higher-value projects.


Construction company streamlines management

Cisco Defense Orchestrator was able to automate the process of identifing any duplicate, unused, or inconsistent objects, and made it very easy to combine and remove objects. This saved us days of manual, frustrating work and significantly lowered the risk of accidentally removing valid objects.

Chris Ryan, Network Manager, Shawmut

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