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Gain hands-on experience with Cisco Tetration. See how you can create, deploy, and enforce security policies in any cloud environment.

Application segmentation

Cisco Tetration dramatically simplifies your zero-trust operations. Using behavior-based application insight and machine learning, it allows customers to build dynamic segmentation policy models and automate policy enforcement. Its infrastructure agnostic approach supports both on-premise and public cloud workloads.


Telemetry that’s faster than fast

Collects meta data from every packet and every flow along with process information. Using a unique indexing approach, search and explore tens of billions of flow records with natural-language techniques. Get actionable insight in less than a second.

Actionable application insight

Get real-time telemetry data from application components and use behavior-analysis algorithms. Identify application groups and their communication patterns and service dependencies. Get automated whitelist policy for segmentation anywhere.

Application segmentation

Enforce consistent policy across on-premises data centers and public and private clouds to enable application segmentation. Continuously monitor for compliance deviations and identify them in minutes in your production network.

Open APIs

Easily create your own custom apps on the platform by using comprehensive, detailed telemetry data in the data lake. Receive out-of-box notification or generate your own custom notifications. Allow querying information using RESTful API.

Massive scalability

Platform designed to support any data center infrastructure at scale. Analyzes millions of events per second and provides actionable insight near real-time. Retain and search billions of records long term without loss of granularity.

Choice of form factors

Choose Tetration-M (8 RU) appliance for up to 4000 workloads, a larger Tetration platform (39 RU) for up to 12,000 workloads, or a virtual appliance form factor running on Amazon AWS for up to 1,000 workloads.



  • Application segmentation and policy recommendation
  • Support on-premise, public and private cloud
  • Data retention: Retain data for up to a year
  • Up to 25,000 servers (VMs/Bare-metal)
  • Web GUI, REST API, push events and Tetration Apps


  • Same functional capability in a smaller form factor
  • Up to 5,000 servers (VMs/Bare-metal)
  • Data retention: Months (subject to traffic volume)
  • Web GUI, REST API, push events and Tetration Apps


  • Same functionality via customer owned AWS instances
  • Telemetry: Support software sensors only
  • Up to 1,000 servers
  • Data retention: Weeks (subject to traffic volume)
  • Web GUI, REST API, push events and Tetration Apps

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Cisco IT bought another 7 to 8 years out of existing data centers, and saved $50 million.

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