Create New Meeting Experiences

Bring employees, customers, and partners together to collaborate from anywhere with highly scalable voice, video, and content sharing. Delivered from the cloud, on premises, or through hybrid solutions, Cisco Conferencing solutions allow people to more securely collaborate from mobile devices, desktops, or meeting rooms with scheduled or unplanned meetings.

Recording and streaming solutions help you capture your critical video meetings and share them with your teams for immediate alignment.

The Benefits of Scalable Conferencing Solutions

  • Deploy conferencing throughout your organization to every user
  • Reach suppliers, partners, and customers with highly secure, business-to-business solutions
  • Bring everyone together on mobile to immersive video systems
  • Simplify the meeting experience with consistent user interfaces and features
  • Enjoy affordable consumption models to promote the adoption of pervasive video

Transform Business Processes

Make it easier for teams to collaborate, innovate, and resolve issues. Now you can bring experts together to solve problems in real time. Also use the power of web and video conferencing to unify your supply chain, provide highly engaged customer service, train remote teams, and more.

Enable Meetings with Remote Participants: Use web conferencing so employees, customers, and partners can attend meetings from anywhere.

Incorporate Video into Meetings: Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by making it easier to meet face-to-face over distance.

Collaborate with External Organizations: Easily share information, interact in real time, and communicate across channels beyond email and telephone.

Pervasive Conferencing

Conduct multiparty meetings your way. (PDF - 229 KB)

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Web Conferencing Security

Provide highly secure, real-time collaboration.

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