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Information is power. As a partner, you can leap towards success by effectively helping your customers with your knowledge on the latest technologies and market trends, as well as proven case studies that will assure your customers, and enhance their experience in any technological transitions.

To be a part of a forward-thinking team, join us in our Advantage Now seminars, and discover for yourself how success can be wrought with just being in the know.

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Partner Collaboration Methods:

Explore the many ways of working with Cisco through partner tools in sales, marketing and services, all designed to enhance your experience as our partner. Take advantage of incentives that can help to propel your business to new profit levels by effectively tapping onto huge-potential markets.



Learn about Cisco's new products, including a demonstration on Cisco Unified Access which simplifies your network to provide more agility, consistency and efficiency. Get updates on technology's changing trends and how mobile broadband, big data and the cloud have become an important part of the corporate world. In addition, find out how BYOD environments can be further supported with the latest mobile policies on security breaches.


Business Trends and Opportunities:

Discover the ever-changing business climate and being ahead of competition. Learn about the great potential in the Commercial and Midmarket sectors and find out how Cisco's strategies on capturing these two segments will allow you a share of the profitable pie.