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The New Collaboration Experience

See the importance and possibilities of collaboration for the future of your business.   Watch (Video - 1:53 min)

Improving Productivity with Web 2.0 Tools

See how collaboration tools change the network to bring users, customers, and partners together.   Watch (Video - 2:15 min)

Prepare Your Business for Success

Adjust to dynamic market conditions and improve speed and scale in your business through collaboration.   Watch (Video - 4:14 min)

Built for Speed

Hear surprising results from a pioneering survey reveal the habits and processes critical for successful network-based collaboration.   Watch (Video - 4:00 min)

It's Not 'If' You Collaborate, But 'How'

Hear surprising results from a pioneering survey reveal the habits and processes critical for successful network-based collaboration.   Watch (Video - 4:00 min)

John Chambers Shows You How to Prepare Your Business for Success

Learn how collaboration can help you accelerate and scale your business in dynamic market conditions.   Watch (Video - 9:40 min)

Case Studies

The Return on Collaboration

Learn about the three critical types of ROI that companies can realize with collaboration.   Read Case Study (PDF - 520 KB)

Procter and Gamble Revolutionize Collaboration

Procter and Gamble improved collaboration with partners and customers, while saving travel costs, using Cisco TelePresence.   Read Case Study (PDF - 150 KB)

Improving Medical Care with Video

See how doctors at Scottish Centre for Telehealth stretch resources further by providing medical expertise using videoconferencing.   Watch Video (Video - 3:38 min)

Simplify Global Communications

After installing 200 phones in 15 minutes, Activision team members dial a four-digit extension to reach fellow employees anywhere in the world.   Read Case Study (PDF - 169 KB)

Better Customer Experience

Watch how 1-800 CONTACTS differentiates its business through flexible customer service using collaboration. (Video - 5:01 min)   Watch (Video - 5:01 min)

Cisco TelePresence Revolutionizes Collaboration

Cisco TelePresence is saving Procter & Gamble money, and facilitating global collaboration and innovation in a smarter, more sustainable way than ever.   Read Case Study (PDF - 150 KB)


Improving Product Knowledge Through Collaboration

Learn how Cisco WebEx Connect helps a large group at Cisco get flexible, dynamic collaboration within shared workspaces.
Read Article

Collaboration: Know Your Enthusiasts and Laggards

Surprising results from an important pioneering survey reveal the habits and processes critical for successful network-based collaboration.
Read Article

Cisco Shows You How to Get Closer to Your Customers

Using new ways to work, employees can shift their focus away from travel and searching for information to spending quality time with customers and partners.  

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The Impact of Globalisation and Virtualization

Cisco speaks to Andy Mulholland, Global CTO of Cap Gemini, on how to address business operations to succeed.   Watch (Video - 2:30 min)

The Sustainable Data Center

Learn how virtualization helped Monsanto build one of the nation's first LEED-certified data centers.   Watch (Video - 5:13 min)


Tips for Avoiding the Virtualization Cliff

Learn how to take advantage of the benefits virtualization has to offer: cost savings, increased IT agility, and even disaster recovery planning.   Read Article

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Acquisition as a Competitive Advantage

Find out how Cisco has turned its more than 120 acquisitions in 15 years into a cohesive, integrated organization.

Seven Shortcuts to Innovation

Find out how globalisation can help you develop new products and services, reduce time-to-market, while transforming your business.

White Papers

Achieving Growth and Encouraging Innovation

Discover best practices for refining, adapting, and creating new business modules.
Read (PDF - 481 KB)

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Align IT to Business with Architecture


Explore Opportunities for Global Growth

Discover important trends, the network's role, and strategic IT investments. Find out why the network is the logical starting point for transforming your business.   Watch (Video - 5:40 min)

Take Advantage of New Business Realities

Find out how to give your business the agility it needs to compete in today's business environment.   Watch (Video - 2:31 min)

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Enterprise Architecture


Cathay Pacific Shifts EA Culture

Cathay Pacific's flexible, responsive enterprise architecture responds to the demands of the business by providing ROI one project at a time.   Watch Video Off Site(Video - 3:18 min)

Greater Economies of Scale

Robert Whiteley, Principal Analyst and Research Director at Forrester Consulting, discusses the value of network services to next-generation applications.   Watch Video Off Site(Video - 19:02 min)

Application Delivery Trends

Forrester's Rob Whiteley and Cisco executives share views on the future of application delivery.   Watch Video Off Site(Video - 11:05 min)


SONA At-a-Glance

Read (PDF - 254 KB)


Successful SOA

Hear about the processes and methods for simplifying service-oriented architecture deployments from a Cisco IT architect.   Listen Now Off Site

Architecture and Solution Interview Series

Hear a wide range of experts discuss industry and technology situations, architectural solutions, and the impact on business.   Listen Now

White Papers

Preparing for the Future of Business

Discover important trends, the network's role, and strategic IT investments.   Read Article (PDF - 194 KB)

Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Network Services

Lean about advanced network services for Federal Enterprise Architectures.   Read Article

The TOGAF Architect's Guide to Cisco SONA

Learn more about the role SONA plays in enterprise IT architectures like the one defined by The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).  

Using a Service-Oriented Architecture to Transform Commerce

Using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) helped Cisco improve profits and our commerce experience. Read this report to learn how.   Read

Cisco Unified Communications and SONA

Improve Communications and Network Flexibility.   Read

The Network and New Application Architectures

Forrester Consulting studied the importance of networks in next-generation application architectures.   Read (PDF - 701 KB)


A Blueprint for Enterprise Collaboration

Discover the expanded capabilities residing in the network, and learn how to apply these to your architectural practice.  

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Five to Thrive


Five Tips for Getting Stronger During Tough Times

Discover five areas you can focus on now to be successful in the upturn.  

Advice from a CIO on Bringing Mobility to Construction

CIO Sam Lamonica tells how his construction firm used mobility solutions to bring anywhere, anytime communications to its headquarters and job sites.   Read

Five to Thrive Strategies

Businesses that thrive are investing in ways that meet today's goals and position them for competitive advantage in the economic upturn.  

Save to Invest

Saving money now enables you to invest in areas that will help you reach your business goals and pursue strategic initiatives that others may miss.  

Unlock Employee Potential

Take three key actions to improve your company's leadership and make employees more effective, innovative, and motivated.  

Drive True Customer Intimacy

Collaboration and video solutions help extend your reach and improve your customers' experiences with your business, regardless of location.  

Outpace the Competition

Establish relationships faster and work more closely with strategic thinkers to improve differentiation, increase market share, and accelerate innovation.  

Transition to a Borderless Enterprise

Extend your company's reach around the globe with collaboration and virtualization strategies.  

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The Power of Video

A healthcare provider and an equipment manufacturer both discovered that TelePresence and other collaborative solutions cut costs, boost productivity, and spark innovation.   Read

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