The Network Drives the Connected Value Chain

Market conditions in today's economy are changing at an unprecedented rate for manufacturers. Companies of all sizes now contend with increased global competition, faster product cycles, rapid changes in demand, and reduced access to capital. To address these trends successfully, you need solutions that intelligently connect all parts of the value chain so that you can share information with every department, employee, partner, and customer quickly and easily.

Cisco Smart+Connected Manufacturing solutions fundamentally change the competitive landscape for manufacturers by providing:

  • Intelligent, timely information and collaboration capabilities in context
  • Continuous innovation
  • A differentiated customer experience
  • Supply chain agility
  • Operational excellence

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Removing Manufacturing Borders

Cisco Borderless Networks help manufacturers be more responsive and customer-focused.

Solutions Portfolios

Mfg Markets

Operations Excellence
Securely extend access, visibility, and data integration across your entire supply chain.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Agility
Gain increased visibility across your supply chain to help make informed business decisions.

Continuous Innovation

Connect and collaborate with suppliers, partners, and customers to meet market demands and improve project success.

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy
Provide consistent and superior service by improving responsiveness to customer orders, issues, and requests.


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