Accelerate teamwork with Webex Teams

Empower teams with the tools to move work forward anytime, anywhere. Cisco Spark is becoming Cisco Webex Teams.

Accelerate teamwork with these tools

Messaging and content sharing

Use teams and spaces to easily bring people together. Send messages, meet, share files, whiteboard. Spend less time chasing email and instant messaging, more time getting work done. 

Team-based meetings

Maximize productivity. Anyone in a space can schedule, start, and record meetings. Quickly include guests and support up to 75 video users. Keep work moving after the meeting in the connected workspace.


Collaborate on sketches in the app. Or take Cisco Webex Teams capabilities to the next level with Cisco Webex  Board’s all-in-one wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing.


Handle calls where you want—in the app, on an IP phone, or a conference-room video device. Deploy in the cloud with Cisco Webex Calling or connect to on-premises or partner-hosted telephony services.

Integration and bots

Help users rely on fewer systems and apps by bringing them together in Webex Teams. Use integrations to streamline work flows and bots to automate actions. Visit Webex App Hub to explore.

Security and management

Security and privacy

Industry-leading end-to-end encryption helps ensure that messages and data are always secure.


Security teams can meet information security policies while having access for legal and compliance needs.

Management and analytics

The Cisco Webex Control Hub provides full visibility and control of the service through a dashboard.

Get started with the app

Download the free Webex app for all your devices.

Sparking innovation in the fashion world

The culture in the company is changing... because we are using a platform that connects everybody in the company and helps everyone do their job.

Stefano Bezzon, Head of Innovation, Del Brenta

Customize the experience

Use integrations to streamline work flows and bots to automate actions.