The Connected Life at Home

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Bring the Connected Life to the Home

Learn how Cisco customer premises solutions extend your medianet into the home to cost-effectively deliver content and services in new ways.

Customer Premises Solutions for the Connected Life
Consumers demand more high-quality media every day, and on any device. They want the Connected Life, with access to:

  • Any-play services
  • Comprehensive content offerings
  • Immersive visual, social, and personal experiences
  • Anytime, anywhere media

You can offer such service by extending your medianet, an all-IP, next-generation network optimized for rich media into the home.

Simple and Powerful
Cisco customer premises solutions provide simple and powerful home networking and content sharing options. They help you differentiate your services from competitors’ while minimizing operating expenses.

Cisco customer premises solutions and services help you build the Connected Life at Home.

Whole Home DVR
Deliver new and differentiated customer experiences by letting users record content once and then access it on any set-top in the home.

Personal Content Sharing
Boost customer satisfaction by letting subscribers easily store, manage, and share their personal media on any TV or device in the home.

Session Shifting
Give users the ability to start a video on one device and pick up where they left off on another, with the touch of a button.