Midsize Business Solutions

Deploy Applications Faster

Use Cisco Powered services to deploy collaboration applications in the cloud.

Deploy Applications Faster

Which challenge is your priority?


Innovate and Grow

Do you have the right IT solutions to capitalize on new revenue opportunities and grow your business?
If you expand to a new location, can your network rise to the challenge? Can your IT team get network connectivity and services up and running quickly to support key business initiatives and new innovations? As you invest in the future of your business, we'll provide the flexibility, scalability, and IT simplicity that you need to get ahead.

Case Study: Accura Glass and Fresh Direct Produce
Two Canadian mid-size customers share their success with Cisco technologies.

Canadian Media Production Facility Deploys Unified Network
Bridge Studios implements Cisco technology for virtualized IT infrastructure

Does leadership cost more for midsize companies?
Read a TCO Comparison of three Unified Communications Solutions

Productivity through Mobility

Is your workforce as productive as it could be?
Productivity is a business imperative. And network access is a huge factor in productivity. We offer simplified mobile, virtual, and cloud solutions that make network access, virtual desktops, collaboration, and communication available -- anywhere, any time, on any device. All while keeping your network highly secure and easy to manage.

Deliver Mobility Your Way
Unlock new business opportunities with highly secure, enhanced mobility.
(2 min)

SOCAN Case Study
Efficient collaboration helps music rights leader improve.

Mobilize Your Entire Organization
Mobility and BYOD Insights for Midsize Businesses.

Enhancing Customer Experience

How can you exceed expectations to deliver first-class offerings and experiences?
Technology is changing your customers' expectations. They want faster service, immediate access to information, and a better customer experience. But can you deliver it all? Discover how our solutions help you provide innovative and compelling experiences to your customers, clients, patients, or citizens when it matters most. Then turn your customer engagements into superior business results.

Making Business More Convenient
Watch how a new collaboration platform makes things easier for customers and employees. (3:56 min)

Developer Builds Future-ready Condo
Learn how Tridel uses video and IP networks to provide next-generation condominium services.

Why Cloud Computing Needs a Cloud-Intelligent Network
Discover which network investments are key to successful cloud deployments

Increase Efficiencies through Cloud

How can you get your IT working harder for your business and reduce your total cost of ownership?
Business can suffer if your infrastructure doesn't keep pace with growth. An outdated network, data center, or applications can diminish efficiency. It also exposes your network to security and compliance risks. Together with our partners, we can make your infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective without placing extra burdens on your IT staff.

Efficiencies of Cloud Computing for Canadian Midsized Companies
How cloud computing technology allows the agility of introducing new services, key to mid-sized companies growth

Real-time Collaboration with WebEx
University of Fredericton adopts WebEx to optimize student-faculty interactions.

Optimize Your Cloud Strategy
Discover how to get your network ready for cloud computing.

Lapham-Hickey, Fresh Direct, Accura

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Efficiencies of Cloud Computing for Canadian Midsized Companies

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