Cisco Secure Wireless

Improve Mobility and Privacy Compliance

Cisco Secure Wireless helps deliver a highly secure, reliable foundation, allowing healthcare organizations to confidently deploy mobile applications and services. With this solution, healthcare organizations can use the latest WLAN technologies to increase employee productivity, while meeting rigorous compliance standards for data privacy and security.

Relevant Solution Products

  • Storage Networking
    Securely store X-rays and other patient data through a variety of storage networking solutions.
  • Voice and Unified Communications
    Streamline processes by integrating solutions to improve communication, mobility, and collaboration.
  • Wireless
    Improve patient care and response times by facilitating secure access to network resources and applications from any location.
  • Security
    Simplify and automate security management operations tasks, including configuration, monitoring, analysis, and response.
  • Video and Content Delivery
    Promote instant communication between clinicians to improve collaboration and patient care.