Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution

Easily Access and Share Patient Records

Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution is an integrated end-to-end, standards-based solution that enables patient-centric access to medical records. It gives healthcare professionals from multiple institutions access to patient data from previously disconnected information systems with incompatible formats and disparate medical terminology. Now providers can quickly and easily access and review a patient's medical data gathered by different applications and stored in separate locations.

Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution helps address several key healthcare issues such as:

  • Limited access to clinical patient information
  • Increasing costs and inefficiencies of healthcare services
  • Improving quality of patient care and experience

Solution Overview

Case Studies

  • Improving Access to Patient Records (PDF - 232 KB)
    Austrian healthcare provider Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen uses Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution to make patient information readily available across its newly expanded enterprise.

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