Cisco BioMed Network Admission Control

Automate Biomedical, IT, and Guest Connections

The Cisco BioMed NAC solution allows healthcare organizations to use a single, unified, and converged IP network that supports IT, biomedical devices, and guest user services. The solution:

  • Allows network administrators to authenticate, authorize, evaluate, and remediate wired, wireless, and remote users and their devices prior to network access
  • Automates device assignments to controlled zones on the hospital network
  • Monitors device behavior, alerting the appropriate party of rules violations that could lead to either segregation or remediation of the device

The Cisco BioMed NAC solution takes advantage of Cisco Medical-Grade Network (MGN) technology to help enable a flexible, scalable, secure, and reliable network. Architected to coexist with traditional NAC features, the solution provides an additional focus on testing of biomedical medical device endpoints and other benefits designed specifically for healthcare environments.


Solution Overview

Cisco Validated Design

  • Cisco BioMed NAC Application Deployment Guide

Advanced Services

Relevant Solution Products

  • Storage Networking
    Store X-rays and other patient data securely with Cisco storage networking solutions.
  • Voice and Unified Communications
    Streamline processes by integrating solutions to improve communication, mobility, and collaboration.
  • Wireless
    Improve patient care and response times through secure access to network resources and applications from any location.
  • Security
    Simplify and automate security management operations, including configuration, monitoring, analysis, and response.
  • Video and Content Delivery
    Provide instant communication between clinicians to improve collaboration and patient care.