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Citizens now communicate in ways that legacy emergency communications simply cannot support. You can keep pace with today's wireless, mobile society by evolving citizen-to-authority emergency communication services to an IP-based ecosystem that accepts voice, email, images, video, and Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

The Cisco/IPC-Positron Emergency Communications and Collaboration Platform delivers a mission-ready, integrated IP-based capability featuring these benefits:

  • Convergence: Through voice of IP (VoIP) technology, the platform allows data, voice, and video to be transmitted simultaneously.
  • Collaboration: Improve your interagency and multijurisdictional collaboration with a fully integrated and IP-based emergency communications system.
  • Reliability: The platform mitigates communication disruptions, offering true survivability and the capability to self-heal with no single point of failure.
  • Leadership: The platform is a proven solution from two market leaders.

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