Homeland Security

Homeland Security

National Security Solutions

Innovative Security Solutions for Evolving Operational Requirements

In today's environment, threats to national security come from many directions. As a public security officer, you need real-world solutions that optimize public safety's resources and capabilities to effectively manage the challenges of keeping communities safe and secure.

Leveraging the network by converging voice, video and data into a single platform provides greater situation awareness and collaboration capabilities.





Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security
See how Cisco is leading worldwide
collaboration to create a robust and
efficient safety and security framework.
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Safety and Security At-a-Glance

Find out how you can increase safety and minimize risk by improving communication and collaboration.
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Border Security
Effective border protection and physical security requires a comprehensive strategy.

Rapidly Deployable Communications
Put advanced communications in the field when and where they are needed.

Unified Emergency Communications
Integrate communications to promote collaboration with and among agencies.

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