Connected Learning Navigation Guide

Connected Learning Navigation Guide

Get Connected

At Cisco, we work with you to help you immediately save money on your current infrastructure - empowering you to use those savings to invest in technologies to meet your goals today and in the future.

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Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to help you to address the realities of the new global economy. This guide provides a basic approach with supporting content to help you create next-generation learning environments that increase access to education and prepare the workforce of the future.


Save to Invest

Converge multiple networks onto one robust IP network, consolidating and virtualizing server resources and increasing energy and management savings.


Invest to Increase Operational Effectiveness

Invest in technologies that increase administrative and operational efficiencies, create next-generation learning environments, and enhance safety and security. These technologies include unified communications, mobility, digital media and video, network security, physical safety, Notifi-ED, and connected real estate.

  • Review the Connected Learning Brochure to learn how 21st century schools are facing new challenges and gaining extraordinary opportunities
  • Discover more about:
       - Improving operations to enhance education
       - Ensuring students, faculty, and staff are safe and secure
       - Building dynamic learning environments to prepare students for the future
  • Learn about the education solutions Cisco has developed for schools
  • Learn how customers are integrating Cisco solutions into their schools

Network as a Platform

Build the Right Infrastructure for Savings and Investment

The team at Cisco will work with you to utilize the network as a platform to ensure that you have the right infrastructure and network architectures in place to support technologies that will help you prepare the next generation workforce.

Historic Economic Opportunity

Resources, Offers and Financing for Education Customers

Take advantage of historic public and private funding opportunities as well as attractive offers from Cisco for developed and developing nations that will support your investments in education.

With Cisco

Cisco's Commitment to Education

Cisco demonstrates its commitment to education through innovative programs such as Cisco Networking Academies, Global Education, and Transformation initiatives, research programs, and investments in education.