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Cisco Connected Schools

Cisco Connected Schools

The Economy is the Headline. Education is the Solution.
Invest in the Human Network with Cisco.

We in the global community have a unique opportunity to examine the importance of our educational institutions in addressing a new global reality and economy. This reality is that those countries that do not invest in education will be left behind.

In this new global economy, the most important competitive differentiator that countries can have is knowledge and information, the human capital required to build and sustain great economies, and great nations.

At Cisco, we understand the possibilities for educators in the new global economy. At Cisco, we inspire new connections for the new global economy. And our approach to helping schools to thrive in this new economy is simple:

  1. Increase savings by converging multiple networks onto one, robust IP network, by consolidating and virtualizing server resources, and by improving energy savings;
  2. Invest in technologies that will make a difference in the long-run by further improving efficiencies, creating next generation learning environments, and enhancing safety and security;
  3. Utilize the network as a platform to ensure that you have the right infrastructure and network architectures in place to support the advanced technologies that will help you to prepare the next generation workforce;
  4. Take advantage of the historic public and private funding streams, as well as attractive offers from Cisco, for developed and developing nations to support your investment in education;
  5. Select Cisco for our understanding of, and commitment to, education as evidenced by our Networking Academy Program, our Global Education initiatives, our research programs, and our investments in education.


  • Use the Connected Learning Navigation Guide to help you create next-generation learning environments that increase access to education and prepare the workforce of the future. View Guide
  • Learn how schools are transforming education. Read Brochure (PDF - 255 KB)
  • Get a preview of a day in the life at a school of the future. See how Cisco Connected Learning solutions are transforming this school using technology and best practices that are available today. View Video
  • Get details about the technology required to build a connected school. View Poster
  • Find out more about Cisco Connected Learning and how it can change your institution. View Flash
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Cisco Connected Schools

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