Digital Media System

Cisco Digital Signage at Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University enhances communication and campus security with Cisco Digital Signage. (Video - 4:10 min)

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Campus Video: Enrich Learning and Enhance Communications

Campus video systems help improve campus communications. The Cisco Digital Media System (DMS) distributes live and on-demand campus video and other content to PCs and digital signs.

With this media system, you can:

  • Communicate campus events and emergencies with digital signage
  • Provide distance learning
  • Deliver campus video through Cisco Enterprise TV

Campus video: extend communications to any device

Extend DMS to any end-point device with the Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE 3000). Users can:

  • Create campus video
  • Customize and distribute in the correct format
  • Edit and produce using advanced tools

Solution Overviews

Case Studies

  • College Distributes Emergency Alerts
    College of Southern Nevada uses DMS to distribute eye-catching announcements and emergency alerts to digital signs in high-traffic areas.
  • Communicating Campus Events with Digital Signage
    Chris Fulkerson, CIO at Elon University, and Ron Danielson, CIO at Santa Clara University, discuss how the flexibility of DMS and digital signage contributes to safety and security.

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