Cisco Ransomware Defense


Keep ransomware at bay

Don't let ransomware sidetrack your business by fighting it in all the places where it will try to get in. Our solution protects you from the DNS layer to email to the endpoint. And it's backed by industry-leading Talos threat research.

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What's inside Ransomware Defense


DNS layer protection

Cisco Umbrella Roaming protects devices on and off the corporate network. Block DNS requests before a device can even connect to sites hosting ransomware. The full OpenDNS Umbrella package provides even greater DNS layer protection. See how in this customer case study.


Endpoint protection

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints stops ransomware files from running on endpoints.


Expert advice

Cisco Security Services provides immediate triage during an incident response. It streamlines deployments of Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and other solution products.


Email threat protection

Cisco Email Security with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) blocks ransomware through spam and phishing emails. It even identifies malicious email attachments and URLs. Address attacks before they spread. 


Sophisticated segmentation

With Cisco TrustSec technology you can dynamically segment your network, so access to services and applications stays highly secure.


Advanced defenses for advanced attacks

Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls with AMP Threat Grid sandboxing technology contain both known and unknown malware. They also block command-and-control callbacks to ransomware hosts.


Better protection

Learn how a layered architectural approach reduces ransomware risks.

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