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What does this report mean for IT professionals?

Rapid advances in technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are radically changing the way networks are deployed and operated. In turn, they're creating demand for new skill sets for networking professionals.

Practitioners and engineers

Learn how upcoming networking trends will open new career opportunities and which new skills will set you up for success.

Strategists and architects

See how advanced technologies will enable your organization to meet the growing demands placed on the network, and learn why you should evaluate your operations approach.

IT directors

Learn how you can use updated network technology to improve your ability to support your business and change IT operations. Identify which skills your teams need to succeed.

Networking.Next virtual event

Watch futurists weigh in on what's next in networking.

Networking.Next by topic

See how business, social, and technology trends are defining the network of the future.

Find out how networking has changed in 2019 and what we can expect next.

See how to bridge more skill gaps at a time when IT roles are constantly evolving.

Is your network up to date?

Answer seven quick questions to see how you stack up against the rest of the industry.