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Miercom Evaluation:  Cisco DNA vs. HPE – Aruba Mobile first Campus

More data. More devices.  More users.  More traffic.  In a world of more, organizations need simplicity to run at the speed of digital.

Imagine being able to manage changes across your entire campus network, and deploy end-to-end Quality of Service in minutes, instead of days.  Using machine-based learnings to address problems before they ever happen, and expressing business intent to quickly implement policy across wired and wireless devices with just a few simple clicks.

Miercom, an independent testing lab, released a report comparing Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) to HPE-Aruba’s Mobile First campus. In comparing management and enforcement of network policy across the entire wireless, switching, and routing infrastructure, the findings show that the HPE-Aruba equivalent falls short on resiliency and security.

The report also confirmed Cisco provides faster failure recovery within a multi-level campus network. Cisco modular stacking recovered from every failure scenario in less than one two-tenths of a second, with no impact on application traffic. According to Miercom, an HPE campus network took up to 120 seconds, and almost all connections dropped and had to be reestablished. These outages caused poor application experiences and network downtime.

Our evaluation found that Cisco offers a robust network infrastructure with impressive resiliency and the ability to apply configuration and security settings across the entire product line, including wired and wireless portions. HPE-Aruba offers similar equipment at the lower, functional layers, but we foind serious limitations at the higher control and configuration layers.

Don’t let your network slow you down. To get a deep-dive into more Miercom test results, make sure to check out the full report.