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A New Way to Work

Fewer meetings, less overload, and more time for you. See Cisco's vision for a new way to work.

A New Way to Work

Featured Cisco Enterprise Social Software Products

    • Cisco Prosumer Video

      Cisco Flip minoPRO  Updated

      • Capture video content for highly secure editing and sharing.
      • Start and stop four hours of recording with a touch.
      • Enjoy 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p, 30 fps MP4 recordings on the 2-inch antiglare color screen.
      • Integrate with Cisco Show and Share for video distribution and enhanced collaboration.
    • Cisco Pulse

      Cisco Pulse  Updated

      • Quickly find relevant people and valued information.
      • See who is available and collaborate with colleagues in a single click.
      • Dynamically navigate to the spoken word in business video and other forms of multimedia.
      • Make expertise-finding functionality widely available by embedding Cisco Pulse capabilities in existing applications.

All Enterprise Social Software Products

Webcasting and Video Sharing

Cisco Show and Share is a webcasting and video sharing application that transforms communication and collaboration.

Video Capture Collaboration

Cisco Prosumer Video helps you to easily capture and manage video content with the Cisco FlipMinoPRO Camcorder.

Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Cisco Quad is a software-based platform that provides an immersive and integrated collaborative experience for enterprise users.


With the open and interoperable Cisco approach, you can mix and match existing and new collaboration technologies. Flexible deployment options offer a variety of choices for hosting on premises, in the cloud, or a blend of the two.

Connect to Speed Decision Making

Bring together people, communities, and information with Cisco Enterprise Social Software, and enter a new era of business productivity, innovation, and growth.

Cisco Enterprise Social Software can help you:

  • Quickly find the information and expertise you need, when you need it
  • Dynamically form and participate in immersive, virtual communities
  • Communicate in real-time or non-real-time, using any format, with the simple click of a button
  • Customize by subscribing to content and expertise, and integrating with other business and transactional systems
  • Use the power of video to communicate faster with employees, customers, and partners

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At a Glance

Collaborate with Confidence

Cisco Collaboration Solutions can help you address today's business challenges and build competitive advantage by:

  • Transforming business interactions with real-time voice and video communications
  • Quickly forming dynamic teams to make better decisions, faster, regardless of location
  • Increasing customer responsiveness with instant access to company experts
  • Securely connecting, communicating, and collaborating across traditional corporate boundaries

Challenges Faced by Businesses Today

The nature of work is changing rapidly. Multiple trends are changing the way that people interact and do business, including:

  • More mobile, dispersed workforces
  • An explosion in content and devices
  • More cross-organizational teaming and processes
  • Proliferation of video communications
  • Social software being used at work

Prepare for the next breakthroughs in innovation and efficiency. It's time to embrace these new trends, actively engaging employees, partners, and customers to work more closely together, anytime, anywhere, in a more natural and integrated way.

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Featured Case Studies

  1. Retailer Adds Contact Center Flexibility

    Learn how 1-800 CONTACTS uses Unified Contact Center Enterprise: a single queue handles inbound calls, emails, and outbound calls to verify contact lens prescriptions.

Collaborate with Presence

Learn to use presence to enhance the ways you communicate and collaborate.

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Put Social Software to Work

Discover how social software fits into your enterprise collaboration strategy.

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Easily Share Vital Information

Provide real-time and on-demand content using video with Cisco Show and Share.

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Cultivating Collaboration

Read global research on how social media affects business decisions.

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