Terms and Conditions

Program is open to all Cisco Resellers in Canada who meet the pre- and post- qualification criteria and comply with the Program Terms and Conditions below.

  1. Program Requirements. Company must meet the applicable qualification requirements for their specific theater listed above and available at ("Program Requirements"). Company acknowledges that application to Program requires an audit by Cisco to assess Company's compliance with the Program Requirements. Audits will typically require individuals to pass pre-defined exams and verification that Company meet certain sales goals. However, Cisco reserves the right at its sole option to require on-site audits by Cisco personnel or the independent third party Auditor. The Auditor will not be a competitor of Company and Cisco or the Auditor will enter Cisco's standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with Company at Company's request.
  2. Receiving Benefits. Company's receipt of the benefits associated with Program, including but not limited to additional discount, constitutes Company's continuing representation that it is in compliance with all Requirements of Program as detailed in your respective theater's Program Terms and Conditions web pages. In the event Company receives Program benefits for which it is not entitled by reason of its failure to maintain Program requirements, and/or disclosing false or misleading information, Cisco reserves the right to revoke Program designation and require Company to repay any financial benefits received directly or indirectly from Cisco as a Program benefit, including but not limited to an additional discount.
  3. Changes to Program Requirements. Cisco may change Program Requirements as and when it deems appropriate and shall notify Company of any such changes, which notice may be through posting on Cisco's Channel Partner Program web site. Such changes may adversely impact Company's ability to qualify for Program. Cisco will provide Company with a minimum of 90 days notice prior to the effective date of any such changes.
  4. Program Compliance and Audit. Participation in this Program is subject to compliance review by Cisco. Cisco reserves the right to audit any Commercial SMB Select partner every six (6) months to ensure compliance with any and all of the above qualification criteria.
  5. Audit Compliance. Company agrees to comply with reasonable informational requests made by the Auditors, by providing accurate responses to questions from the Auditors and furnishing appropriate documents, including but not limited to verification of employment status for the Company employees that Company has identified as possessing individual Cisco Career Certifications (e.g., Cisco Sales Associate or Cisco Sales Expert).
  6. Non-Compliance. If, while Company is designated as a member of the Program, Cisco becomes aware that Company is no longer in compliance with the applicable Program Requirements, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the Program designation. Company will notify Cisco of its non-compliance promptly, but in no event more than thirty (30) days after Company first becomes aware of its non-compliance. Upon receipt of such notice, Company may qualify for an extension of time in which to renew its compliance with the applicable Program Requirements. Company's failure to provide such notice may disqualify Company from receiving such an extension. If no extension is granted or if Company fails to comply with the Program Requirements by the end of the extension period, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the applicable Program designation immediately. Cisco may monitor Company's compliance with the applicable Program Requirements of a previously granted Program designation at any time. If Cisco believes Company may no longer be in compliance with these requirements, Cisco reserves the right to conduct an on-site audit of Company's qualifications at any time on fifteen (15) days prior written notice.
  7. Program Admission Decision. Cisco shall decide at its sole discretion whether or not to award Program Designation to Company. No statements by the Auditor or its personnel will be binding upon Cisco.
  8. Award and Renewal of Program Designation. Program designations are awarded for a period of one year, subject to compliance with the Program Terms and Conditions. Every twelve (12) months, Company must apply to renew Program designation. Cisco's initial and renewal decisions for Program Designation will be based on the Company's ability to meet the applicable Program Requirements in effect on the date that Company submits a valid application for Program designation or renewal. Reseller is free to determine End User customer pricing and discounts unilaterally and at its sole discretion.