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Lead Closure Incentive

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Lead Closure Incentive

Lead Closure Incentive provides protection and additional discount to Cisco Channel Partners in recognition of Partner executing on marketing and sales leads - partners acting on their leads in the Cisco Leads and Prospects Tool

    Reward Type & Value

    Upfront Discount +7%, Cisco Commercial, Enterprise and Public Sector deals.

    Partner Eligibility

    Select, Premier and Gold Partners

    Terms and Conditions.

    How to use

    Register in CCW, stackable only with OIP, not a stand-alone promotion.

    Stacks & Combinations

    Stackable with OIP, can be combined with Migration Incentive Program (MIP) and Account Breakaway

    Validity Dates

    May 28, 2019 - July 25, 2020

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    Create Lead Closure Incentive Opportunity with OIP

    1.    Go to CCW to Create a Deal www.cisco.com/go/ccw

    2.    Chose “Create this Deal with Lead”

    3.    Complete all sections as in a regular deal registration – Who’s Involved, About the Deal etc.

    4.    On the “Incentives” tab chose the Hunting/Hunting Plus, and “Lead Closure Incentive”

    5.    Finish the deal registration and submit for Approval.




    Lead Closure Incentive - PPT

    Lead Closure Incentive Terms and Conditions