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Top 6 topics regarding technical support for SMB business development

Technical growth support for small to medium business. Develop mobile technology and increase data security to improve SMB customer engagement.

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There’s no getting away from it. If you’re going to grow your business, your technology needs to come along for the ride. Not only that: it will actually dictate how well you can implement growth strategies, how much you can take advantage of new opportunities, and how far you can go with them. Integrating your increasing technology needs into your plans for business growth means you’ll be on the front foot, with a system ready to handle the new demands of your business.

1. Helping your business to go mobile

These days, mobility is key. Staff are no longer desk-bound, and neither are your customers. The right technology can give your staff the flexibility they need to get their job done, on the spot, without having to travel back to the office to respond to clients, compute their data or publish content. And wireless access points on your premises, can allow your customers to use your internet, which is great for service industries, retailers and hospitality.

2. Ramping up your data centre

Of course, it's not just about mobility: your data centre, or your network of servers, will be bearing the brunt of new demands. Preparing for the increased workload will pay off quickly as you implement new services. Consider what kinds of things you’re going to be asking of your network: increased traffic, data crunching, new applications? Will you need more computing power? More storage? Some new data centres are able to scale up or down depending on demand, providing more flexibility to respond to the requirements of your staff and customers.

3. Make the most of your data with analytics

A growing business collects more data. Make the most of it by selecting the right analytics tools that will allow you to make better decisions, when and where you need to.

4. Consider the SMB cloud

Consider moving your applications to the cloud, as upgrades and patches can be managed for you. Many businesses also host their data in the cloud too, as the back up process is streamlined.

5. Protecting your new assets

Most importantly, don’t forget about security. As businesses grow, they become more attractive targets for cyber criminals. Considering your increased security needs from the get-go will bolster your system’s capacity to resist attack. Incorporating additional security measures into your growth plans means you won’t be hit with unexpected costs, time-outs and embarrassing breaches that can really harm your reputation.

6. Next business development steps

So where does that leave you? First, take stock of where you’re at now. How far will your current system allow you to grow? If you don’t know, get some guidance. Think about the things you want to do and offer your staff and customers. Your strategic planning and business goals should give you a good idea of what support your network infrastructure will need to provide. Thinking about the two in tandem is the best approach to ensuring your plans for the future become reality.