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4 Tips - Digital customer experience through data analytics

Digitising the small to medium businesses experience through data analytics. Support customer networks through secure WiFi support.

Improve your customer satisfaction

Companies that focus on the customer experience, heavily outperform the market and their competitors, according to an evaluation of six years of stock performance by Watermark Consulting. Data, and how you use it, is key to giving your customers the out-of-this-world experience they deserve. Diversifying the methods of communication, offering add-ons and ensuring your system is up to the demands of any new requirements are all factors that ultimately have an impact.

1. Think like your customers

Data truly is the seam of gold running through your business. With the right analytics and infrastructure to capture data, you can know what your customers want, give it to them when they want it, and even predict what they will want before they want it. You can know this in real time, allowing you to make essential, critical decisions on-the-spot, backed up with evidence. Customers love being made to feel special: personalised experiences tailored to their last shop or location, or responses to their online questions in real-time, are ways you can use the data your business collects to create better experiences for your customers. You need a robust network to support the processing power required to crunch those numbers, so ensure yours has the power required to do the job properly.

2. WiFi on the house – customer satisfaction on site

This works incredibly well across many businesses. Any place that your customers will physically be, can benefit from offering free, secure WiFi. Why not? It’s an extra incentive to encourage your customers to linger at your location, browsing online, shopping, perhaps even working, all while enjoying the benefits and comforts of your premises.

3. Come together, from wherever you are

Every business relies on customers, works with colleagues or partners, engages contractors, or works with agents. Collaboration tools make all of these experiences closer, more personal, and can dramatically improve your customers’ experience. Videoconferencing solutions like WebEx mean you can meet your customers ‘face to face’, as well as share documents and presentations, regardless of which device you’re using. Other solutions such as Cisco Webex Teams mean you can meet up and work together with your customers in virtual rooms.

4. Solid foundations - nurturing your SMB network

Don’t forget to consider how your current network can support you. Dream as big as you like, but also consider how much processing power and storage you will need to realise these dreams. They do go hand in hand, and it may well be worth considering upgrading your network requirements in preparation. Be wary of offering more services before establishing whether you can maintain their delivery: customers frown on long delays when accessing free WiFi or online chat services that don’t respond when they should. For more information on how your network can support your growing business, read this article about business growth.

With these four steps, you will be well on your way to increased revenue, more new customers and greater customer loyalty and retention.