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Commercial Payment Options

Go digital sooner

Commercial Payment Options is our best low interest rate deal for projects over €325,000.

You can transform on a larger scale and fast forward business benefits – while also fixing costs for up to five years.

With Commercial Payment Options, you can…

Predict costs over a longer timeframe

Set your monthly IT spend for up to five years while freeing-up funds for other business needs.

Drive savings in your infrastructure

Lower monthly payments take into account the future value of the equipment.

Improve planning

Add more power to your IT now. Decide whether to refresh, retain, or return the assets later.

Speed-up digital benefits

Deploy IT projects quickly and drive the digital transformation that your business needs.

How it works

Product eligibility

For purchases over €325,000. Covers all Cisco solutions: networking, collaboration, data center and services.

Lease duration

Based on a payment plan for 36, 48 or 60 months.

Flexible options

At the end you can upgrade (often without adding to your monthly cost), retain the equipment (paying no more than if you’d bought it) or hand it back (saving up to 10% of the original price).


Hardware from Cisco alliances and strategic partnerships must comprise 70% of the total price.

Any questions?

Take advantage of the payment options open to you. Let us show you how.


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Payment solutions, applicable lenders and availability of any referenced programs will vary by country. Cisco Capital offers leasing and/or financing in a limited number of countries. Leasing and/or financing may be provided by an independent financing vendor in jurisdictions where Cisco Capital does not offer the applicable leasing and/or financing products. Other restrictions may apply. Cisco Capital reserves the right to change or cancel the foregoing at any time without notice.