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Webinar series for Business growth

Security Webinars

Looking through the glasses of a Cybercriminal - What are the bad guys up to?

Industry Landscape overview

In a world with more data, more users, and more services, there is more to protect.

Because of the threat landscape being an ever changing and evolving industry cybersecurity vendors such as Cisco need to be constantly on their toes to ensure users remain protected against the latest attack techniques.

Over the webinar we will look at the below things
• Some Malware trends and new tactics being employed
• The evolution of Ransomware from its birth in 2012 to the multibillion dollar industry it has become today.
• A new attack known as Crypto jacking (bitcoin mining)
• Some unique case studies which have changed the way we think about protection.
• The largest data compromises such as the Facebook/Cambridge and Equifax leaks along with how the new mandatory data breach laws and GDPR have changed the way businesses need to look at their data and security.
• The steps Cisco Security and Talos threat intelligence have been taking to be at the forefront of protection

At the end of the webinar the Cisco Security team will be offering each attendees a free Security Assessment Report .Terms and condition applies*

  • Thursday 2nd of May – 11AM AEDT (45min)- Register

MERAKI + UMBRELLA: A match made in the Cloud

Integration between Meraki MR wireless access points (APs) and Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS)

Meraki APs now integrate with Cisco Umbrella, the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway, to protect wireless clients from malicious online threats.

The pace at which new security threats are being introduced and propagated online has reached exponential levels, gaining speed with each passing year. Organizations have more locations and devices to protect, and threats are using many different ports to try to gain access or exfiltrate data. Security teams are often understaffed and struggle with complex, siloed systems that do not integrate or share intelligence in a programmatic way.

These teams need solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, can scale exponentially, and can integrate with other tools. Securing your wireless users from malicious attacks — particularly these “DNS blind spots” that exist in many networks and are exploited by 97% of advanced malware — is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, recent surveys indicate that 75% of organizations do not actively monitor and apply security for DNS.

It is within this context that we are excited to announce support for integration between Meraki MR wireless access points (APs) and Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS).

Join our webinar to learn more on how that integration is a game changer for your cloud based environment.

  • Wednesday 5th of June – 11AM AEST (45min)- Register