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Be the digital leader people want to work for

80% of respondents to a 2015 study said they wanted to work for a digitally enabled company or digital leader. Supporting your team to work smarter, not harder, increasingly comes down to your tools. The following insights have the potential to dramatically alter the way your teams work, ensuring they're always connected securely and engaged through richer collaboration.

  1. Go mobile

  2. A fully digital, mobile workforce allows your team to work from anywhere, any time, on any device. Normal business hours and locations need no longer apply: your staff can check their emails on the train, update social media over the weekend, or finalise that important presentation working from home.

    A virtual private network provides secure access to your servers and ensures the team has the capacity to work as though they were in the office, from wherever they are. Network security is imperative: user authentication, firewalls and intruder detection software help protect your assets and limit downtime and clean-up from breaches. For more information on how to protect your business, read this article about security.

  3. Innovate and collaborate

  4. Collaboration tools cut through traditional barriers to getting people together by creating virtual meeting spaces, streamlining interactions and bringing colleagues in different locations together virtually.

    Video conferencing solutions like WebEx, can replace face-to-face communication when meeting in person isn’t feasible. It helps put faces to names and can increase understanding and connection through the added benefits of body language. Plus, you can share documents and presentations amongst meeting participants, so you can all literally stay on the same page.

    Apps such as Jabber allow your team to communicate with one another quickly, in real time, on any device. They let people know where you are, and allow you to communicate via instant and voice messaging, share your desktop instantly and hold virtual meetings.

    Other collaboration tools like Spark allow you to use virtual meeting rooms in the cloud, and also provide voice, instant messaging and file and conversation records, which you can access securely from any device. These kinds of tools effectively tear down the walls of your office but still allow your team the flexibility to work together, from wherever they are.

    The benefits of increasing your workforce productivity are numerous: faster response times, increased capacity to finalise work and focus on higher value tasks, better results from teamwork and, ultimately a better bottom line.

    Do you have a project in the works? Why not post it here? Experts across various fields are ready to provide guidance and pitch in to help.

    Cisco is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products, and partners help businesses to seize tomorrow’s digital opportunities today. 

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