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Case study: 5 inspiring ways small businesses are excelling at collaboration

The ability to collaborate effectively can make the difference between success or stagnation. And that’s true for companies of all sizes.

According to Techaisle, business collaboration is a priority for more than half of small and mid-sized businesses.

With so much business taking place out of the office, many companies prize the ability to communicate and collaborate virtually whether it's via voice, chat or video conferencing. It can lead to greater productivity and efficiency, faster response time and decision-making, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

Read on for five examples of small businesses winning at team collaboration.

10x Banking prizes secure communication above all else

With the ambitious goal of building a more universal, open and configurable banking platform, 10x Banking doesn't want anything to hold it back. That’s why, when searching for an integrated collaboration and information-sharing platform that would incorporate instant messaging, telephony and video conferencing, comprehensive security was at the top of the list. With Cisco Webex Teams, the 10x Banking team can confidently collaborate securely across its organisation, including with both onshore and offshore developers.

See how 10x Banking collaborates smarter

coBuilder uses collaboration to communicate quickly and efficiently

Norwegian-based construction software developer coBuilder needed a better way to communicate with customers and suppliers throughout the world. After a thorough search for technology that would be flexible, instantaneous, reliable and secure, the company settled on Webex Teams.

With this technology, team members can create specific spaces for each project that include all communications related to that project, from instant messages to key files. Having documents and past conversations instantly accessible has led to more efficient and productive team collaboration, which means a more efficient and productive product delivery.

Find out more about how coBuilder made construction smarter

SIGNA uses collaboration to stay ahead of the competition

As one of Europe’s leading companies in the fields of real estate and retail, SIGNA must continually find ways to maintain its competitive edge.

The SIGNA Group uses Cisco Webex Board to allow team members from any location, using any device, to participate in face-to-face meetings, securely share and mark up documents, and send messages. Even more importantly for SIGNA, it allows team members to observe the body language and expressions of others, something it considers vital for critical decision making.

This type of fast, reliable, simple, flexible collaboration technology fits well with the company’s technology-forward attitude. As its leaders say, “While the competition is thinking about it, we’ve done it.”.

The full SIGNA Real Estate collaboration story is here.

Tribes provides full team collaboration capabilities to its customers

Companies utilise Tribes to take advantage of innovative workspaces, meeting rooms, virtual offices and a variety of services.

Looking for a way to extend the full-service concept to business collaboration, it turned to Cisco Webex Board. With this technology, companies using any of Tribes’ office concepts can use the interactive touchscreen board to conduct meetings or collaborate with others on the team, even if they are a continent away. Some have even used it for remote hiring.

Tribes also uses Webex Board for its own employees. As the company has grown and expanded into multiple locations, collaboration had become more difficult. So far, Tribes has installed Webex Board in two Amsterdam locations, but plans to expand with them to other locations. Team members are already looking forward to collaborating more efficiently when that happens!

Read more about how collaboration technology is transforming flexible working at Tribes.

ALA Corp. standardises with one collaboration tool to strengthen a unified company

Over the past eight years, ALA (Advance Logistics for Aerospace) has acquired aerospace companies across North America and Europe, to create the world's fourth-largest aerospace player in its sector. With so many employees in so many locations, along with a complicated array of disparate systems, tools, and technologies, becoming one efficient, unified company was proving difficult.

ALA found its match with Cisco Webex Teams, which enables the company to connect all devices, from laptops to mobile phones, and with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM).

Cisco UCM enables the company to standardise collaboration with one solution, allowing departments and committees throughout the company to conduct effective monthly meetings. ALA expects to expand its use in other countries as well. What’s  more, the company has been able to reduce travel and its associated costs, increase productivity and improve employee work-life balance.

Read how ALA Corp. unified its communications using Webex Teams.

Are you using Cisco technology to improve team collaboration? We’d love to hear from you - let us know in the comments below. 

And for more on collaboration solutions for your business, visit our dedicated page for small and medium businesses.

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