Be More Productive

Be More Productive

Take Productivity to the Next Level

A new voice system gives Everything Tradeshows uninterrupted customer-service capabilities. (4:39 min)

Take Productivity to the Next Level

A new voice system gives Everything Tradeshows uninterrupted customer-service capabilities. (4:39 min)

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Work more efficiently. Do more with less. Take productivity to the next level.

How? In a word, collaboration. Easily, efficiently, affordably, and as often as possible. Cisco SMB Solutions can help your teams be more productive through better collaboration. Here's how:

  • Don't just tell; show. Have a new product to unveil to a remote sales team? For maximum impact, show them what's new by turning a regular call into a video call.
  • Easily bring people together to solve problems. Need to call an urgent meeting? With just a few clicks, quickly find out who's available and set up conference calls or online meetings. Access customer information wherever you are, so you can easily work with colleagues to resolve issues quickly.
  • Stay connected to mobile workers. With multiple channels of communication always available—and the ability to see who is available and how to contact them—being out of the office no longer means being out of the loop.

With Cisco SMB Solutions, you can quickly bring people together to solve problems and meet customers' needs. Get everyone on the same page—and keep them there. When workers stay connected, they stay productive.

  • Start with a reliable, flexible, secure Cisco network foundation combining voice, data, video, and wireless on one network so everyone can roam about, stay connected, and be productive.
  • Add software that links your customer relationship management database to your phone system. That way, computer screen pop-ups let you instantly view data about each customer. Instantly find out if someone is available to answer a question or attend a last-minute meeting.
  • Add video telephony software and cameras, allowing you to turn regular phone calls and online meetings into video calls along with phones that are designed to keep mobile workers in touch and give them anytime anywhere access.
  • Add applications that deliver call control and presence features—enable workers to know if colleagues are available and how they prefer to be reached and use toolbars within common applications like Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer to enhance productivity.

Contact your Cisco partner for further details about this solution—or find one with validated credentials in your area.

Cisco SMB Solutions provide data, voice and video collaboration tools to help everyone increase productivity. Some solutions to consider include:

  • Cisco Smart Business Communications System, an all-in-one system built specifically for small businesses that combines voice, data, wireless, and security and includes the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series system.
  • Cisco Integrated Services Routers 800, 1800, and 2800 Series connect your network to the Internet and other networks. The 800 Series gives you built-in security, software that reduces the number of appliances and simplifies management of network devices, and support for wireless connectivity and VPNs. The 1800 and 2800 Series adds voice and unified communications.
  • Cisco Unified CallConnectors streamline communications and enhance productivity with versions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and that tie your Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series system to your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Cisco Unified CallConnector Mobility provides 'single-number reach' by automatically forwarding calls to employees at their current location on the phone of their choice and Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows uses toolbars within common applications like Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer to provide presence information that enables workers to quickly reach colleagues by knowing beforehand whether they are available and how they prefer to be contacted.
  • Cisco Unified Video Advantage delivers video telephony functionality to Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series phones and to the Cisco IP Communicator softphone. With Cisco Unified Video Advantage, you can use the familiar telephone interface to make and receive video calls. The solution includes the Cisco VT Camera II, a USB camera that sits on your PC or laptop screen.
  • Cisco Unity Connection affordable, full-featured voicemail, automated attendant, and integrated messaging in addition to advanced call routing and speech recognition capabilities. Access your voicemail using a phone, e-mail client, or Web browser, or manage your messages in "hands-free" mode with voice commands.
  • Web meeting and online collaboration tools to serve customers better are also available from WebEx. WebEx is now part of Cisco.


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