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Cyber Threat Response

Stop the Cybercriminals

Defending real world cyber threats requires a layered approach as no single defense tactic is 100% effective. Read the CTR (Cyber Threat Response magazine how the cyber criminals are taking advantage and exploiting the breaches and how the good guys are stopping the threats.


Smash and Grab

Mr. Black partners with Mr. Orange to attack HackMDs servers, exploiting new vulnerabilities to gain network control. Download chapter 1 to find if HackMDs will be able to stop the attack.


Dr. Howser and any regular employee can help hacker to hijack your data through Phishing. Download chapter 2 and check it out how HackMDs stopped the Hospital from being attacked by Ransomware.

Insider Threats

After last failed attempt to infiltrate the network, Mr. Black hires Mr. Brown to get into the hospital using stolen credentials. Can the tech team stop this inside threat? Download chapter three to find out.


Compromised Laptop

Dr. Howser unprotected home network will be used by Mr. Black as a way to infect HackMDs network.  How can HackMDs protect the edge of their network? Download chapter four to know how to.


Attack the Branch

Mr. White is trying to plant a physical device in the branch office, Mr. Black is getting frustrated with his many failed attempts, this time the plan is too good to fail. Download the last chapter (Five) to see the results.


Cyber Threat Response Magazine

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Cisco Live Melbourne 2018: Sessions On-Demand

Watch the Keynotes, Innovation Talks and Cybersecurity Insights On-Demand

Cybersecurity Insights

Security at the Boardroom

Cybersecurity Executive Insights with Stephen Dane. Check out the Insight from Stephen Dane talking to David Braue from CSO Magazine.

Threats Everywhere, Get Security Everywhere

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Threat Grid Sandboxing Have a better understanding.

Dynamic Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity Executive Insights with Steve Martino (Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Cisco); David Braue (CSO Magazine Journalist).

Discover More with the Cisco Stealthwatch

Network Visibility & Enforcement– Cisco Stealthwatch David Cocchiara (Director of Customer Success & Stealthwatch Operations, Cisco) & Gail Ellison (Cisco Security Marketing Manager).

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