Network Support

Network Support

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Transform your network for growth

Unlock your Network  New

By conducting a Know the Network (KTN) installed base discovery, you can unlock your network helping you to make informed decisions about your network in regards to risk, performance and financial management.

KTN provides network inventory reports highlighting uncovered items, last date of support (LDoS) items, contract status and site information. The reports are created by performing an electronic scan of the network using unobtrusive Cisco technology

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Entitlement, Warranty and Software Licensing

What is the difference between Cisco warranty and support? Do you need a service contract to download Cisco system and application software? Is your network correctly supported?

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The Importance of Network Support

To ensure both business stability and growth, you need to know that your network is in good health and top condition. It's the only way to make sure it's giving your business that crucial competitive edge!

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Connect with a cisco expert to check your network is correctly supported

Overview of Cisco Services

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Overview of Cisco Services

Realise the full value for your IT investment with world-class services from Cisco and our partners. (2:15 min)

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