Towards a Video-Enabled Pedagogy


Video-enabled pedagogy involves understanding the opportunities for video-enabled educational practice and student learning. The hypothesis to be addressed by this white paper is that: ’the use of video as an educational tool has a positive impact on professional teacher practice and student results’.

This is a collaborative effort between the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Cisco. This white paper seeks to provide educators with a starting point for using video to initiate and sustain the transformation of school networks.

It is hoped this paper will act as a catalyst for the wider use of video to facilitate the professional development of educators and improve student learning across primary and secondary education systems.

This white paper contains 25 ’use cases’ – instructional options – for the potential use of video technology in learning institutions. These user cases are based on the activities of early adopters of video from around the world, and can be adapted to suit the priorities and budgets of different schools.


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