Consolidate Your Data Center

Consolidate Your Data Center

Today's global businesses face two challenges:

  • Distributed workforces mean that users and applications aren't in the same location as the data center
  • CIOs are under pressure to consolidate and optimize data centers to reduce costs

To improve resource utilization, many enterprise architects and IT managers are turning to virtualization to share server, network, and storage resources across the network. Virtualization also facilitates automation, which can help reduce provisioning time from as much as six weeks to just a few days. You can gain a significant competitive advantage through a soundly implemented virtualization strategy thanks to its ability to manage both growth and systems more quickly and efficiently.

Increase resource utilization, reduce costs, and simplify management needs through virtualization to improve hardware and application performance, as well as improve agility and business continuity.

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Consolidation Saves Taxpayer Money
Oregon saved money, improved operations, and streamlined IT projects by consolidating data center applications.

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