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Your Digital Competitive Edge

The Answer Is In Your Network

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Your Network: The driving force powering your digital business

The future is digital, and the race is on. Businesses across the world are approaching a crucial juncture where those who have the ability to adapt their operations to a rapidly evolving landscape will have the edge over their competitors. To survive today, networks must also become digital to:

  • enable better customer experiences through data insights
  • support the business strategy allowing organisations to innovate faster, be more agile and open
    new opportunities and
  • protect data by ensuring security at the network edge.

Companies with digital ready networks are growing revenue, profits and customer retention 2 to 3 times more quickly than those with legacy networks.

The power of data on the edge

Through real-time data you can gain insights into where your traffic is coming from, what devices are being used, and what security threats are putting your business at risk. In a nutshell, that’s your who, what and where, covered. Done right, the network edge offers a wealth of information and by leveraging Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) you gain granular insight into your users, the devices they use, and the applications they access.

Deakin University Smart Campus Enabled by Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)

Leveraging their network data to provide location based services helps Deakin University better understand student and staff movement and building usage to dramatically improve user experience.

Network agility enables innovation

With IoT set to create 50 billion endpoints by 2020, manually tracking devices and users on your network is no longer plausible.
Networks today must understand what needs to be done and then do it based on business rules with little or no human intervention.
Networks must now be secure, agile and automated.
A recent ITNews.com poll by Cisco found that some Australian organisation have already started their network automation journey:


stated their network is full automated


stated they have started automating


stated they haven't started automating their network

Network automation saves times and money

Symantec needed a faster, more efficient way to provision global business applications.

The edge as sensor and enforcer.

It takes just a single data breach to jeopardise your organisation and attackers can compromise your business in just minutes.
Do you know how secure your network edge is? Findings from Cisco’s ITNews.com poll:


said their network was fairly secure


very secure


leaves a lot to be desired

Cisco Live Melbourne 2018: Sessions On-Demand

Watch the Keynotes, Innovation Talks and Cybersecurity Insights On-Demand

Introducing Cisco Digital Network Architecture


Robert De Nicolo

Director of Enterprise Networking - Cisco Systems
ANZ Melbourne, Australia

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