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Cisco Migration Support Services

Mitigate risk when you upgrade

Migration Support Services provide two extended support options to help you mitigate risk as you migrate to products nearing LDoS to new technologies.


Maintain coverage

Cover critical network asserts during product migrations to more confidently operate your business.

Mitigate risk

Reduce the risk exposure of operating with unsupported and aging technologies while redesigning or refreshing your network.

Support continuity

Reduce downtime, resolve issues faster, and gain greater assurance to support compliance and business availability.

What you get from Migration Support Services

Extended Support

Use Extended Support to replace failed products with similar products. You can operate your business with the familiar technologies you have invested in.  

Migrate on Failure Service

Migrate on Failure Service replaces a failed product with a next-generation product. Your network progresses to the newest, most modern technologies.

Service provider mitigates risk exposure

Migration Support Services helped ensure we could meet our business availability objectives while we integrated our newly acquired company into our business, and transitioned to a new global technology platform.

Chief Operations and Innovation Officer, Major Communications Provider



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