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Cisco Aironet 3500 Series

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Cisco Aironet 3500 Series

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Wireless operates in a shared spectrum and many Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi devices can affect network performance. This performance degradation can be very expensive to manage, and even more costly if you are unable to determine the source of interference.

Now you can optimize wireless performance with Cisco CleanAir technology. Cisco CleanAir technology uses silicon-level intelligence to create a spectrum-aware, self-healing, and self optimizing wireless network that mitigates the effects of wireless interference and offers performance protection for 802.11n networks.

With CleanAir technology, the Cisco Unified Wireless Network gives you the tools you need to support a truly mission-critical wireless network while simplifying ongoing operations, by:

  • Detecting Radio Frequency interference that other systems can't see
  • Identifying the source and locating it on a floor plan
  • Providing automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage around the interference

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