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Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series

Phishing and beyond: the latest email attack innovations and defenses.

About the Cisco cybersecurity report series

Over the past decade, Cisco has published a wealth of security and threat intelligence information for security professionals interested in the state of global cybersecurity. These comprehensive reports have provided detailed accounts of threat landscapes and their effects on organizations, as well as best practices to defend against the adverse impacts of data breaches.

In our new approach to thought leadership, Cisco Security is publishing a series of research-based, data-driven studies. We've expanded the number of titles to include different reports for security professionals with different interests. Calling on the depth and breadth of expertise from threat researchers and innovators in the security industry, the 2019 series includes the Data Privacy Benchmark Study, Threat Report, CISO Benchmark Study and cybersecurity report for small and midsize businesses. Keep watching this space for the other cybersecurity reports that will be released throughout the year.

What we cover in the latest report

Why are organizations still struggling to protect their users from phishing, business email compromise, and other email threats? The latest Cisco Cybersecurity Report, "Click with Caution," challenges assumptions about the email security landscape and offers recommendations for defenders.

CISOs consider email threats the number one security risk to their organizations, more than any other type of attack or threat vector.

The stakes are high when 75% of respondents experienced significant operational impacts after a successful email attack and 47% reported significant financial impacts.

Some organizations are underequipped to tackle email security challenges. Only 41% use email security as part of their threat defenses, down from 56% in 2014.

Cloud email security is not a panacea against email-based attacks. Our experts explain the mechanics of cloud email attacks and give recommendations to improve your defenses.

Email security: What's changed?

The Click with Caution report challenges assumptions about the number one threat vector.

More cybersecurity reports

CISO Benchmark Report

This report informs Chief Information Security Officers, and others charged with information security, about the state of their profession and keeping organizations safe.

Threat report: defending against today's critical threats

In our recent threat intelligence report, we analyzed the past to anticipate future cybersecurity trends.

Cisco 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study (PDF)

Learn about privacy, data protection trends, and best practices for enterprise governance, risk, and compliance in the 2019 Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study.

Small and mighty

Announcing the first-ever special edition cybersecurity report for small and midsize businesses.

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Threat of the Month

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