Community Investment

Cisco's Corporate Philanthropy organisation, based in the US, includes the Cisco Foundation and the Community Investment group. Although the two branches have different charters, they both have the same philanthropic goal: to educate our communities and provide them with resources that empower them, through a variety of programmes, to reach their potential.

At Cisco, we believe that our communities are driven by the dream of a better future - a future in which every individual is empowered to meet his own needs, to lead her own rewarding life. However, we recognise that not all of our communities can turn those dreams into reality without some help.

That's why Cisco created the Community Investment organisation. We focus our financial resources on education, basic needs, and vocational training. We promote a culture of charitable giving and connect our colleagues to non-profit making organisations serving the communities in which we live. We invest our best-in-class networking equipment in those non-profit making organisations that most effectively put it to work for our communities. You'll see a common thread running through everything we do: we want to empower people to help themselves.

Getting involved in your community can mean many things to different people. We choose to define "involvement" as simply "reaching out to the community in ways that make a lasting, positive impact" and we've developed three strategic initiatives to meet our philanthropic goals.

  • Workforce Development for the New Economy
    We invest in technology and training that help people develop skills to enter or re-enter today's workforce, while also investing in the basic needs - eg food, shelter, healthcare - that enable training and education.
  • Technology in Non-Profit Making Organisations
    Our partnerships with not for profit organisations give them access to technology solutions and leverages the power of the Internet, allowing them to focus on the individuals they serve.
  • Legacy of Individual Philanthropists
    We believe that Cisco Citizens are our greatest asset. Our education and skills training programmes develop successful volunteers and informed philanthropists who 'give while they live.'