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Transform your business with a Cisco Intelligent Network. (1:29 min)

Built for Mobility, Collaboration, and the Cloud

Unify your approach to networking with the Cisco Intelligent Network. Implement transformational systems and solutions that span enterprise, data center, and collaboration infrastructures.

Prepare Your Network for the Future

By taking a unique end-to-end approach, the Cisco Intelligent Network can help you simplify and speed the deployment of both current and future technologies. Transform your business with:

  • New, more profitable consumption models: Achieve greater competitive advantage, reach, and revenues
  • Enhanced workforce freedom and productivity: Empower employees to work anywhere, on any device
  • Controlled operations costs: Take advantage of virtualization innovations, from the data center to the desktop
  • Increased business agility: Harness the power of cloud computing--public, private or hybrid--without jeopardizing security, compliance, or intellectual property

Adapt to Change

Why is it so important to have a network that is intelligent? Consider some of the following statistics:

  • In 2010 mobile data traffic was three times the size of entire Internet in 2000
  • By 2015 the amount of content traversing the Internet annually will be 540,000 times the amount that traveled in 2003
  • 90% of all content on the Internet will be video-based by 2015
  • 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020
  • A million video minutes will traverse the Internet every second by 2015
  • 30% of all data will live in or pass through the cloud by 2020
  • 70% of all enterprises will use enterprise-class cloud technologies by 2012

Having a network that can adapt to change quickly and simply is a must given this rapidly evolving landscape. This is the Cisco Intelligent Network.

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Guido Buratti

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“We are better able to answer our customers' needs in a shorter time. We are also better able to identify our customers' needs quickly, and move them to the service delivery stage faster.”

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