Unlock Employee Potential

Unlock Employee Potential

The current business environment creates employee uncertainty. Now is the time to gain trust and confidence through partnership and clear communication to retain your best talent. Consider:

  • • Adopting a collaborative leadership and decision-making structure
  • • Helping employees to work securely from anywhere, at any time
  • • Promoting employee communication and participation to foster innovation
  • • Increasing speed and effectiveness of decision making through a pervasive and unified communications platform

Making the cultural shifts and investing in the tools that improve employee effectiveness will give you more time to drive true customer intimacy.

Online Training for All

Online Training for All

When Canon developed software lines for its devices, it went online to train its 8,000 U.S. dealers. (Video - 1:53 min)

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The Next Frontier in Collaboration

Cisco and its partners find new ways to work together to meet customer needs. (PDF - 1.2 KB)

Cisco WebEx Connect Workforce Experience

Get five examples of business benefits gained by implementing WebEx Connect.

CTPartners Motivates Beyond the Paycheck

The vice chairman of CTPartners discusses how to motivate and retain staff when money is tight.

A Hospital CIO Describes Overcoming Challenges in Change Management

Read about workshops and interviews that the CIO of Hospital d'Igualada conducted with doctors to help them accept and adopt unfamiliar technology.

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