Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

You have offices in ten sites and partners around the world. You're coordinating internal teams, partners, and customers and juggling communications capabilities that range from videoconferencing to forums where customers can share their experiences with your products. And each of these components is part of an effective business communications strategy because the companies who can anticipate market changes and move quickly are the ones that thrive.

Take advantage of both Web 2.0 technologies and existing business processes to enhance communications, foster collaboration, and boost revenues. This combination of technology and process can help your business:
• Increase productivity by enabling faster decisions
• Spur innovation by increasing collaboration
• Preserve existing technology by augmenting it, not replacing it
• Remove the barriers of distance and time by allowing people to connect with one another anytime, anywhere, and on any device


Empower Remote Collaboration

(Flash - 4:35 min)
Extend communications and collaboration across devices, platforms—even continents—to empower your people and help them stay connected and available.

Collaboration at Cisco

Learn how Web 2.0 applications, video, mobility, and unified communications solutions can break down collaboration barriers of time and distance.

Boost Productivity, Improve Your Business

Improve productivity and enhance staff communications, regardless of where they may be located.

Breaking Through Generational Barriers with Collaboration Tools

Use Web 2.0 tools to more effectively manage and collaborate with today's workforce.

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