Web 2.0, Collaboration and You 

Web 2.0, Collaboration and You

The business benefits of collaboration are persuasive: productivity gains, innovation, real-time knowledge capture and distribution, workflow and business process improvements, and cost efficiencies. As companies start operating virtually around the world, they need to be able to support the Web 2.0 technologies that allow their dispersed workforce to connect and collaborate as if they were all in the same place.

To achieve the most from collaboration, you need to identify and implement the right infrastructure, as well as understand your own company's culture and processes.

Helping people communicate whenever and wherever they are does not have to be complex or insecure, but it does require a solid architecture foundation.


Transformative Collaboration Tools
(Podcast - 14:34 min)
Sheila Jordan, Cisco VP of Collaboration and Communication IT, discusses communication tools that are transforming the ways companies collaborate.

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