Save Operational Costs

CIOs Look at the Big Picture When Justifying Costs

Marcus Bost, CIO, Adena Health Systems explains how he determines the TCO of network products. (Video - 9:40 min)

CIOs Look at the Big Picture When Justifying Costs

CIOs Look at the Big Picture When Justifying Costs

Marcus Bost, CIO, Adena Health Systems explains how he determines the TCO of network products. (Video - 9:40 min)
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Save Smarter

Every company needs to make the best use of their IT budget.. But short-term cost considerations shouldn't stand in the way of long-term growth.

Think about ways you can invest wisely to realize significant organizational savings, and still pave the way for future expansion . The best investments not only cut operational costs,but also reduce energy consumption, minimize management challenges, and lower a technology's total cost of ownership.

Consider the benefits of:

  • Virtual technologies that free employees to work remotely, cutting real estate and energy costs alike
  • Cisco TelePresence capabilities to reduce travel expenses while improving collaboration
  • Consolidated and centralized infrastructure that results in maintenance and management savings
  • Managed services and cloud technologies that takes full advantage of the contributions of in-house IT staff

Balancing Cost Control and Growth Investments

Get strategic advice for positioning your company for future growth. (Podcast - 11:44 min)

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A flexible network architecture can have a big effect on your organization's profitability: it speeds the deployment of new products and services, helps ensure business continuity, and can improve employee productivity. In many cases, you'll facilitate growth while also cutting maintenance and management expenses.

At a time when companies are monitoring costs especially closely, it's easier to justify architectural investments that offer measurable payback, such as:

  • Reusable components and services
  • Virtual technologies
  • Integration and consolidation of systems, applications, and data
  • Improved information-sharing capabilities

Case Studies, Blueprints, & White Papers

Case Studies

  • The ROI on Unified Communications
    See how a unified communications project at the world's leading airport company will pay for itself in just three years. (PDF - 59 KB)


White Papers

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