Organizational Flexibility

Meeting Business Challenges

Understand how the network can empower employees and customers to get information faster, communicate on new platforms, and stay in touch at any time from virtually any location. (PDF - 194 KB)

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Think Globally

Borders may hold us back, but they don't have to. Today's business requires the flexibility to think outside of our own firewall and grow beyond our current markets.

Investing in the right network technology can give you the organizational flexibility to react quickly to market changes, meet new customer demands, collaborate globally, and be more profitable. All this results in faster growth, better productivity, and more innovation.

Consider how organizational flexibility can help your IT department:

  • Get employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to collaborate no matter where they may be physically located.
  • Make it easy to find resources and expertise.
  • Help you grow your customer base by selling into new geographies.
  • Source projects in new regions to cut operational costs and introduce products faster.
  • Operate more transparently and adhere to good governance practices.

Be a Governance Leader

ThruPoint's CIO offers tips for improving information access and archiving.

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Investing Smarter by Prioritizing
Learn how the CIO of engineering and energy services firm Michael Baker Corp. benchmarks and prioritizes IT projects. (Podcast - 15:48 min)

Getting Globalization to Work for You
New collaboration tools can give you the organizational flexibility to focus on expanding your business both domestically and globally.

It's time to think beyond your own firewall. You have the power to connect your organization's ever-changing world.

Business is moving beyond its traditional borders. Your company is selling into new markets, hiring people who work outside the office or even outside the country, and going overseas to source projects more efficiently. Build a common ecosystem that unites it all to achieve common objectives.

Let your business do more. Empower your company to reach new markets and geographies with an innovative network that:

  • Links disparate systems
  • Connects users seamlessly
  • Reuses and scales services
  • Optimizes applications and centralizes control
  • Is engineered for growth

Case Studies, Blueprints & White Papers

Case Studies


White Papers

  • Prescription for Network Excellence
    Architecture improvements let healthcare organizations speed decision-making, comply with regulations, and offer better patient care.
  • Satisfaction in Store
    Retailers are meeting customer demands with state-of-the-art network architectures that add new efficiencies to operations.

Framework for Business Success

Use The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) to deliver greater reliability and better performance to your users.

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Making Manufacturing More Efficient

Manufacturers realize real benefits from connecting systems and data.

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