Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution

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Hosted Collaboration Overview

Find out what the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution can do for you.

Hosted Collaboration Overview

Get "no compromise" cloud collaboration service for your business with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. This solution extends the availability of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio and helps Cisco partners deliver exceptional service.

By building upon the Hosted Collaboration architecture and platform validated designs, Cisco partners can offer their own cloud and collaboration services that:

  • Have per-user service models
  • Continually improve
  • Include a solution approach for services
  • Deliver a collaboration experience to help promote your business priorities

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution is an effective way to use the power of the cloud and quickly deliver collaboration applications to your business. The Cisco partner ecosystem can provide the power of Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Collaboration using an "as-a-service" model.

Rapidly Deploy Applications Anywhere

With Hosted Collaboration, you can quickly capture the business value of Cisco industry-leading collaboration applications. You get rapid and full deployment across your business, regardless of geographic or operational diversity.

Get Service Without Compromise

This solution provides the entire Cisco collaboration suite with no cloud compromise. It delivers a people-centric collaboration experience anywhere, with any content, on any device. Hosted Collaboration uses a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that preserves precious capital for core business priorities, rather than supporting infrastructure.

Lower Costs

In addition, the consolidated and centralized IT approach:

  • Reduces operational overhead
  • Allows for a greater focus on IT strategy and planning
  • Offers other operational benefits from the economies of scale and expertise of Cisco partners

Stay Current

Hosted Collaboration is designed to remain current with the latest releases of the collaboration applications that this solution helps enable. You can rest assured that you will always have access to the most innovative collaboration tools on the market.

Get High Functionality and Security

This Cisco solution is built on a virtualized architecture. This architecture has been designed to support cloud-based and hybrid collaboration services with security and application functionality equal to that in on-premises solutions. The functionality and security of "collaboration in the cloud" are therefore not compromised.

Maintain Full Flexibility

Each Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution end customer is served through dedicated application instances. This feature helps ensure that customers have the full flexibility and functionality that they would have with an on-premises deployment.

Benefit from Collaboration Expertise

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution partners build and maintain cloud-based collaboration services on Cisco validated designs, with the flexibility to add their own services. Partners can therefore deliver their own and Cisco's greatest collaboration expertise, a formidable combination, tailored to suit your business needs.